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I Enjoy Waterwings

Erm, sorry it took so long. I just noticed I'd been added. :)

1. Name: Kati-Lara
2. Location: Orlando, FL
3. Age: 22
4. Ten (or more) favorite bands: Bright Eyes, Matt Nathanson, Rolling Stones, Taking Back Sunday, The Killers, Eve 6, Our Lady Peace, Unwritten Law, Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service, Ben Folds Five
5. Current profession: Student
6. If no profession, what do you do every day? Go to class, or avoiding doing anything thereof
7. If in school, what grade are you in? Senior year of Uni
8. What is your favorite fandom? Harry Potter, though Good Omens is growing on me.
9. Have you ever read/written slash/femmeslash/fanfiction? Yes, in ungodly amounts.
10. Favorite color: Red
11. Lucky number: 37?
12. What are your thoughts on...
-Gay marriage? Whatever makes them happy.
-War? Not a fan
-President Bush? Really not a fan
-Religion in schools? Can we not?
13. Explain to us why you think you're random enough for drugged_lemons. Uhh...I'm about as random as they come, complete with stream of conscious journal entries and too many quizzes and fic recs too mention.
14. Pimp us somewhere and give us the link {a [frequently visited] website or a community}. There's a post in the moderation qeue at eerie_queerie. If it doesn't get through I'll try and find somewhere else. I have to sadly admit that all the other clubs I'm a part of have specific rules about pimpage.
15. Post NO LESS than three pictures of yourself AND/or things you like.

Halloween at Disney
At home on the beach.
A banner created by mykaa. I love R/S as well as her music videos, which I'm pretty sure you can find through her LJ.
Nick Valensi of the Strokes because you can't have too many pictures of hot boys.
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