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claire/ce, and variations of both

''I enjoy waterwings''

The Application

1. Name:Clairece
2. Location:Brisbane, Australia
3. Age:17
4. Ten (or more) favorite bands:Tori Amos, Lacuna Coil, Garbage, Jack off Jill, Hanzel and Greytle, Fiction 8, Mythology, Portishead, B'jork, Blonde Redhead, L7, Green Jelly, Forgotten Blimp.

5. Current profession:I'm a qualified singer with no band and no job. It really is a bums life.

6. If no profession, what do you do every day?: I surf the internet and write lyrics. I listen to music and today especially I spray myself with water.. It is hot.

7. If in school, what grade are you in?: I dropped school for a good reason and am now in serious shit.

8. What is your favorite fandom?:We don't speak of such things.. In Australia here.. We don't waste our ties with such shit..

9. Have you ever read/written slash/femmeslash/fanfiction?:I have written slash on them from time to time. Yes.

10. Favorite color:We spell it colour here, and it is Green.

11. Lucky number:I like the no 3.

12. What are your thoughts on...
-Gay marriage? - Pro! I WANT TO SEE MORE HAPPY COUPLES. In general gay couples are happy - LESS DIVORCE ey? Well, I seem to think so.
-War? - Against, utterly pointless crap like war is just not worth it. The money and time could be spent somewhere else.
-President Bush? - I have evil thoughts about this man, his crap during the election was all around me and I couldn't get out. I mean really, I WAS SURROUNDED.

-Religion in schools? - don't enrol if you know whats good for you. If you know its going to happen it's your life and you have to take hold of it yourself.

13. Explain to us why you think you're random enough for drugged_lemons. - Because I do the random every day in the journal and I wouldn't have pressed the linky if I didn't mean buisness.

14. Pimp us somewhere and give us the link : My journals pretty well read..

15. random boom. :

I just got sent that.. Its fucking great.


this lovely specimen is my boy friend. I love this picture.

And this is me...

I love the green towel and always pose infront of it.

One day our toaster blew up.. I love toast. Anyway I was very upset.

Recently.. My mother surprised me with a new toaster.

My mother is currently the worlds greatest minion in my books.

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